Anonymous asked
what are your predictions for efs, tf and aa?

Ohh I haven’t thought about this much.

TF: USA, Italy, Russia or Great Britain

AA: Simone, Kyla, Iordache or Mustafina

VT: Simone, the Korean girl, Mykayla

UB: A Chinese girl, Aliya, Becky Downie or Ashton Locklear

BB: I am so horrible with the foreign gymnasts names omg! lol she’s a Russian girl (somebody help me), Iordache and Kyla or Simone

FX: Simone, Iordache, Fragapane

That was horrible. lol

Anonymous asked
If everyone hits in UB finals, Ashton is probably no better than 5th behind 2 Chinese, Mustafina and Becky Downie. Don't be fooled by over inflated national scores.

I’m not saying Ashton is gonna win. lol (okay and maybe I shouldn’t say she’s for sure going to get a medal) but she definitely has a shot at medaling! What are the chances everyone is gonna hit? I mean look at the bar final last year.

gymnasticsfan4 asked
Where do you think the biggest surprises could be this year at worlds? TF,AA,EFs

I’m not anticipating too many surprises honestly.

I think in the team competition GB and Italy could break through. That would be awesome! Ashton will get a medal in bar finals for sure if she hits. Nobody else really stands out to me?

Anonymous asked
do you think hong un jong will win gold over simone in vt finals? shes got higher difficulty and her vaults got soo much better than last year! also, who do you see taking the bronze medal in vt?

I think she definitely could…it’s not impossible. But if Simone does what she usually does, I can’t imagine anyone topping her. (Well besides for Maroney)

I could see her challenging for silver with Skinner!

Anonymous asked
How do you feel about Brenna not making the worlds team?

Sad, because I really wanted her to make it. I thought for sure she would all the way until her performance at Classics and Nationals. (Although I still thought she could redeem herself at the selection camp.) I love her bars, it’s by far one of the most entertaining routines to watch and her amanar is great! It’s a shame that she sprained her ankle when she did because she was on the right track. Hopefully she can continue on despite another disappointment like this. If not, I look forward to seeing her at Oklahoma! (Rumor has it she may join the team in January!)

Let’s talk about gymnastics!

I miss being able to answer questions and interact with you guys because I’ve been so busy! :,(







Brenna’s Best Bar Routine from Al Fong’s youtube channel 

wow nice

I can’t believe this gorgeous bar routine will not be showcased at World’s!

Crying forever for brenna

I am experiencing a lot of emotions right now.

Scuse me while I go die thanks

Anonymous asked
Where are you guys?! :(

Right here! :)