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Is it noteworthy that WOGA has got two girls to worlds, given Valeri has stepped back from coaching the elites? Also, how does Marta announce the team to the gymnasts at camp? Do those who don't make it just leave? And also did Macy and Nica get added to the national team in order to trial?

For sure! It shows that they can be successful even without Valeri! :) I’m actually glad Valeri isn’t around anymore because he burns out all his girls. 

And I’m not sure the exact details of how she announces the team, but I believe all the girls sit in one room and she just says “the 2014 World team is…..” and then says the names of the girls who made it. The girls who didn’t make it leave the next day and the girls who did stay to train. (They leave for China next week I believe.) 

For you’re last question, no….Macy and Nica did not get added. They only would have been added if they made the team. 

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Oh I forgot I reblogged this! lol 

But that’s tough. I like Mckayla and Simone’s amanar, but if I had to pick I think I like Mckayla’s a little better. She’s a bit cleaner! :)

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Why do you think they chose maddie over Brenna?!?!

Maddie must have looked more prepared. I mean REALLY prepared. Brenna is a way stronger gymnast when she’s “on” but I guess that’s the problem…she just hasn’t been consistent enough this season. At this point in time, Maddie probably has a higher hit rate. 

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Did Victoria moors go pro? I'm curious if she could do NCAA or not. I'm missing her on gym canada

She has not gone pro! I know at one point she was interested in doing NCAA….not sure what her future plans are regarding that. 

this or that: gymnastics edition (send me a number)

---feel free to add more---

1. standing fulls or standing arabians?

2. patterson dismount or full in dismount?

3. silivas vs shushunova or miller vs gutsu?

4. piked or laid out jaeger?

5. yurchenkos or front-handsprings?

6. grishina’s choreo or afan’s choreo?

7. bejing olympics or london?

8. 2008 us olympic team or 2012?

9. Y turns or L turns?

10. 2000 russian olympic team or 2012?

11. mostepanova or omelianchik?

12. deng linlin’s beam or sui lu’s?

13. 2008 chinese olympic team or 2012?

14. larisa iordache’s beam or catalina’s?

15. sheep jumps or switch ring leaps?

16. piked or laid out tkatchevs?

17. russia's 2012 tf leotard or quals leotard?

18. mustafina dismount or the fabrichnova?

19. lysenko or gutsu?

20. 2000 romanian olympic team or 2004?

21. simone's floor or aly raisman's?

22. maroney's amanar or biles' amanar?

23. 2011 worlds or 2010 worlds?

24. fierce five or the mag 7?

25. gabby douglas' aa win or nastia liukin's?

26. he kexin's bars or yao jinnan's?

27. perfect 10 scoring system or the current scoring system?

28. mustafina's bars or komova's?

29. nastia's onodi or aliya's?

30. chow or mihai?

31. moors or peng peng?

32. elite or ncaa?

33. perfect ten or open end?

34. clean pirouette-fest bars or crazy releases bars?

35. double arabians or double fronts?

36. doube layout punch fronts or whip to triples?

37. doube tucks or double pikes?

38. piked arabians or tucked arabians?

39. asac's tumbling or ivana hong's?

40. barani's or layout fulls?


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Let's say the junior national team would go to worlds this year, what would your TF line up be like?

Consisting only of juniors? 

The team would be Key, Foberg, Dennis, Flatley, Chiles, and Gaskins? (I wanna say Ragan but she’s not on the national team..)

Vault: Chiles, Key, Dennis

Bars: Key, Foberg, Dennis

Beam: Dennis (maybe Foberg), Key, Flatley

Floor: Foberg, Key, Dennis (maybe Chiles instead of Foberg..)

Gaskins would be there in case someone got injured since I couldn’t really find a spot for her in the lineup. LOL. But damn this would be a pretty strong team…maybe even stronger than the seniors? hahah